Wednesday, May 8, 2013

List of Missing Persons

TARGET DATES; 20 May - 8 July. 2013.
SEARCH CRITERIA; Male. 185cm+. Blonde/ginger hair. Germany. Turkey.


Hansen. Klaus
24 years old. Engineering student.
Reported missing by his family, 12 April. 2013. Last seen at a party in Hamburg, with friends. Hansen left the party some time around 01:45 with an unknown young woman and has not been since. His credit card and telephone have not been active since he was last seen. Local police are still conducting an investigation, with divers searching the river. Hansen has no criminal record.
Visited Turkey for two weeks vacation in 2010.


*Persson, Malte
26 years old. Unemployed.
Reported missing by friends, 25 may. 2013. Last seen at home on 17 May, by a friend; Andreas Viggsö of Stokholm. Sweden. His telephone was last used at Copenhagen Central Railway Station, 19 May.
Person has a minor criminal record and has been arrested four times by Swedish police, twice by Norwegian police and once by Danish police. He is noted member of the left wing group Black Hack.
Persson is reported to have connections to several prominent members of the Swedish-Turkish criminal fraternity.


McGregor, Leonard George
32 years old. Dentist.
Reported missing by family, 17 May. 2013. Last seen by his wife leaving for work in Inverness, but never arrived. Local police conducted an investigation but eventually concluded McGreor has run away with his assisstant, Mrs Maran Kunar with whom it appears h
e may have been having an affair.
Leonard McGregor has no criminal record. His telephone was last used at Gatwick International airport, where it was later recovered in a rubbish bin. Curiously there were no records of McGregor leaving the United Kingdom.
Visited Turkey 1999, 2002 & 2005.

Parsons, Clive
19 years old. Medical student.
Reported missing by his German mother, 14 April. Parsons may have run away in protest of his parent's concurrent divorce, though local police are concerned that he has not used his telephone, nor accessed his bank account since his disapearance.
Parsons has no criminal record.


** Feodorov, Arkadi
27 years old. Mechanic.
Reported missing by his employer, 16 February. Feodorov was last seen by his neighbours, climbing in to the rear seat of a large black car, at his home in Minsk. Local police investigated the incident and reported a possible abduction by persons unknown. Feodorov was known to have connections to several prominent members of the Chechnyan Independence Movement, and in that capacity is reported to have made at least two trips to Turkey in 2009.

* Red flagged. 2011. US-Dept of Defence Cyber Crime Center.
** Red flagged. 2012. RUS-FSB

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