Case Nr 11-011

8 July
Meeting at D&HE head office, with client Claudia Kirdar and her lawyer Gunter Anzengruber. Also attending is Head of Dept B; Max Vunscher. Train to Rostock, then hired car to Stralsund where Michael calls a contact he has in Berlin; Helmut Tauler of the Berlin police, and learns that the investigation of Zeki Kirdar's death has passed to Bundespolitzei (BPOL) Inspector Ernst Richter.
9 July
B2 drive to Borgwallsee in hired car then examine the incident scene taking samples of soil and plant life, then go to interview the two eye witnesses to the 'flash in the sky'. The first is Maria Waldau. She describes the flash looking like a very fast falling star. The second witness is a wealthy astronomer named Armin Welk. Welk did not see the flash, but he was filming the night sky as part of another project and managed to capture a single frame image of the flash. Armin conjectures that, taking the distortion of the lens into account, the flash appears to moving straight downward, and at a very high speed. B2 ask if he might post the image in any online astronomy fora and ask if any one can shed light on what the flash might be and Armin agrees to do so. B2 drive to Berlin and first meet with Helmut Tauler, then go to the Schlaff Chemical and Geophysical Analysis Company.
10 July
B2 return to Stralsund to examine Zeki Kirdar's car which has been left in a scrapyard. Michael takes photographs. The car shows signs of intense heat and electro-magnetic damage but no evidence of impact, explosion or primary ignition causes. Return to Berlin and meet with Ernst Richter who is willing to share his police files with D&HE. Richter shows B2 interpol's missing person search results and Malte Persson is quickly singled out as the most likely candidate. B2 decide to visit Persson's sister Susanne who lives in Stockholm.
11 July
Drive to Stockholm, via Denmark.
12 July
B2 arrive in Stockholm and sit outside Susanne Persson's home for several hours. Eventually they are noticed and three men, dressed in typical anarchist fashion arrive and enter Persson's home. Bjarke and Michael knock on the door and explain their purpose to Susanne Persson. Persson agrees to help and gives them a hair for DNA analysis. B2 visit the Svensson Lab and make a DNA match with the DNA profile of the second victim. Derrick calls Ernst Richter in Berlin and informs him of this development, then he calls Armin Welk who has acquired a link to an interesting web page detailing weapon systems which mirror ball lightning. B2 go to visit Andreas Viggsö who tells them about Malte Persson's political views regarding western capitalism, Israel and the United States of America and about his connections with various criminal members of the Turkish immigrant community in Stockholm.B2 return to Susanne Persson's home and break the news of her brother's death to her.
13 July
Susanne Persson takes B2, and her three anarchist friends, to her brother's apartment where they find a great many computers, three of which are turned on and are assumed to be servers. The three anarchists begin to work with one of the servers whilst B2 examine some of the other computers. They find four computers which appear to be Malte Persson's personal network and turning these on, begin to look for anything which might shed light on his death. Unable to penetrate the sheer depths of data on the four machines, B2's search is interrupted when a dialogue box pops up on the screen and a user named 077bG881095 asks; "Dude! Are you back online?". When Derrick attempts to reply, all Malte Persson's computers appear to self erase their hard drives. B2 pull out every plug they can and call the Swedish police. B2 are held for questioning but are eventually released when D&HE's legal representative in Sweden, Lars Oldenburg arrives. B2 call Ernst Richter again and give him an update on the situation. Richter agrees to call his opposite number in Sweden and vouch for B2.
14 July 
B2 are contacted by a SÄPO agent named Olav Gustavson who claims to have spoken with Ernst Richter. B2 agree to meet with him in a cafe in central Stockholm. Gustavson explains that all references to Malte Persson were erased from all official Swedish databases at the same time as the computers in Persson's apartment went down and this has caused some alarm in various departments of the Swedish government. He describes himself as being primarily concerned with military espionage and having only been brought onto the case only that morning. B2 share their information with Gustavson who takes great interest in Armin Welk's web article and in the weapon system called MARAUDER. B2 return to Berlin and meet with Ernst Richter who says he has never heard of Olav Gustavson, nor did he speak with any one from SÄPO. B2 decide to examine the remaining evidence from the burned out car, especially anything that Malte Persson might have had with him, and notice two objects of interest. One is a large portable computer of unknown manufacture, the other is a small loose key marked '312'. B2 send a photograph of the key to Claudia Kirdar (via Gunter Anzengruber) in order to find out whether or not it belonged to Zeki's hotel. As the evening progresses, B2 go to see Dyson and Hahn's computer expert in Germany; Linda Möller. It does not take Linda very long to see that the computer is an advanced quantum design, far in excess of anything she has ever seen before. She prods and examines the burnt out remains, but though she can see there are various compenents marked 'ericsson' and 'datasaab', is unable to extract any data from it. B2 decide to consult a lawyer, and so go to see D&HE's German legal representative, Marc Tauch, after which they return the portable computer to the Berlin police evidence room. Just as they are leaving Ernest Richter tells B2 that his superior contacted the German Intelligence Service, to request they contact SÄPO, but for no reason given, the Germans declined to do so.
15 July
B2 drive to Copenhagen and check the lockers in the central train station, but they do not match the key from Zeki Kirdar's car. After this, they drive to Malmö, then on to Stockholm. They find Susanne Persson is not home, nor can she be reached by her cell phone number. B2 retire to their hotel but are arrested by the Swedish Police, and taken to a station where they are placed in an interview room. After a short while, an Inspector Carlson arrives and asks them a few questions regarding their reasons for being in sweden, and what their relationship is to Malte and Susanne Persson. After an hour and a half waiting, B2 are suddenly released without any explanation. After dinner at their hotel, B2 meet again with Andreas Viggsö who tells them about a mutual friend he shared with Malte; 'Rat'.
16 July
B2 track down 'Rat' (a.k.a Ivan Hanson) via his mother Margritt, and he agrees to meet them by the Stockholm Globe. Once he has understood why they wish to speak with him, 'Rat' agrees to take B2 to one of Malte's closest associates. This turns out to be a young woman in her mid twenties, who calls herself 'Sonja'. She tells B2 that Malte was actually a mediocre hacker, but he had an anonymous contact, apparently in datasaab, who repeatedly fed him classified information regarding foreign databases and networks. As often as not this contact also provided passwords, code breakers and various other methods of violating secure systems. As 'Sonja' describes it, there was no pattern to the information Malte was receiving, nor any conceivable purpose. Some of the systems were military, but many were corporate and others were neither. The tools the source provided were never the same, and Malte and 'Sonja' wondered at length, who the source could be, and why he fed them so much valuable information. The only consistant details were; the source only provided information regarding non Swedish systems, and although they broken into a great many secure networks, they never once got caught. B2 ask about datasaab but when 'Sonja' tries to go online she finds her connection to the internet is being blocked. B2 and 'Rat' also try to get online, but fail. 'Sonja' and 'Rat' pack their various computers down and flee. B2 leave, and find their internet access returns after a few minutes.B2 returned to their hotel and pondered what to do at some length.
17 July
B2 went to the SÄPO headquaters on Polhemsgatan and asked to speak with Olav Gustavson. The gate guard called his superior and after a brief explanation, B2 were led inside to speak with a SÄPO case officer named Anna Lind. Lind confirmed that there was no employee at SÄPO named Olav Gustavson, but once she began to investigate B2's story, she found that whilst there was no mention of Malte Persson in any Swedish databases, he did appear on the Interpol missing persons list. Confused by this, Lind made a photo-fit image of Olav Gustafson, and upon completion she recognised him. Picking up the phone she called the agent in question, who happened to be in the building. Due to the nature of his work, the agent declined to give his real name, so B2 continued to refer to him as Olav Gustafson. Gustafson confirmed B2's account of their previous meeting, explaning that he had been acting under orders, and immediately after the meeting he had been informed that the case was being closed again. Since orders were orders, he had thought no more of it. Realising that something some where had gone seriously wrong, Gustavson took B2 upstairs to meet his superiors who (having listened gravely to the account of the theft of a datasaab quantum computer) quickly grasped the seriousness of what B2 were saying. They concluded that some one inside datasaab was hacking SÄPO and falsifying orders for their own gain. Olav Gustavson was ordered to go to the 'Strängnäs facility', find out who it was, and arrest them at once. B2 (having signed legal documents to maintain their silence) were asked to go with him and help find the traitor. B2 agreed. At the Strängnäs facility, B2 were introduced to the five technicians who were most responsible for the development of the missing quantum computer, and which they refered to as 'Mjölnir'. It quickly transpired that the team had been unable to find 'Mjölnir' because some one kept changing the records of its where abouts, and only one of the five people in the room could have continually done this, though they were at a loss as to explain how. B2 asked about MARAUDER, and the team admitted that 'Mjölnir' was developed as a mobile control mechanism for a Swedish variant (highly illegal by international treaty and posing as a weather satelite) named VEGA. After a lengthy interogation, B2 learned that 'Mjölnir' had been developed using a previous generation of quantum computer, called 'Völva' (which was also a firing mechanism for VEGA), and they came to the conclusion that, although the technicians insisted Artificial Intelligence was inmpossible (and they should know they reckoned), 'Völva' acting to destroy 'Mjölnir', which would have replaced it, was the only possible explanation for Zeki Kirdar's death.

The Swedish government (which apparently had had no knowledge of VEGA at all) privately acknowledged a debt of gratitude to Dyson & Hahn. B2 were personally thanked for their cooperation by SÄPO's leadership, who authorised a plausible cover story to help explain the death of Zeki Kirdar. Malte Persson was portrayed to Claudia Kirdar as a left wing, pro-Kurdistan agitator who killed Zeki, and himself in what appeared to be a botched assassination attempt. Gunter Ansengruber accepted this explanation, on Claudia's behlaf, and without comment, and the case was closed.

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