Monday, February 18, 2013


Contemporary NPC's.

Listed alphabetically; 

Nicole - Secretary at D&HE.
Turner, Ted - D&H Case Officer. International Tracking Dept. New York Office.
Vunscher, Max. D&HE Dept head for B2.
Vybornov, Dimitry 'Dima'. D&HE's liason with the Russian Interior Ministry.

Case Nr 11-011

Kirdar, Claudia - The Client. The German wife of Zeki Kirdar.
Kirdar, Zeki - A Turkish born, German hotel owner. Found burned to death in his car along side an unknown man.

Boyd, Jeff - A Deputy Director at the CIA. Contact of Ted Turner
Brown, Ossip - Listed missing in 1964.
Cuso, Paul - Police Detective Inspector. Paris division. 
Dudinaskaya, Natalie - Former Assistant physicist at the TOPAZ Project.
Ecclestone, Bernard - Physicist at CERN.
Garber, Art - Electrician. Moore Electronics. Listed missing in 1964.
Gillis, Randolph Lee - Electrician. Moore Electronics. Irving Moore's natural father. Listed missing in 1964.
Glinka, Nikolai - GRU officer thought to have been in the vicinity of Sturgeon Bay in 1964.
Gruzinov, Ilya - A former Director of the Moscow Institute for Neurological Research.
Kolpakova, Ivan – Physicist and former scientist at the TOPAZ Project. Murdered in Paris.
Martin, Ruth - Telephone exchange operator for the Starshine Motel. 1964. Listed as a secondary witness.
Martino, Donald - Lawyer. Gambolli, Haines and Saaci. New York. Employed by Irving Moore.
Mayon, Jaques - D&HE's legal representative in France.
Miller. Roger D. - The last known scientist to be abducted by the Grey Man. 
Moore, Irving - The Client. CEO Moore Electronics. 
Rogers, Lemmy - Private Detective. Listed missing in 1964.
Semenoi - Georgian interpretor. 
Short, Wanda - Listed missing in 1964.
Tanayev, Oleg - GRU officer thought to have been in the vicinity of Sturgeon Bay in 1964.
Turashvili, Akaki - Georgian physicist and former technician at the TOPAZ project.
Turashvili, Anna - Akaki's wife. 
Williams, Bethany - Prostitute. Sturgeon Bay. Listed as a secondary witness.

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