Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lemmy Rogers

Lemmy Rogers: b. 3rd May. 1911.

Rogers graduated from Saint Roux Police Academy in 1934 at the age of twenty three. He spent two years on the streets before being transferred as a uniformed officer to Vice Dept. In 1936 he was wounded in the line of duty and spent eight months in recovery. He was awarded the Police Medal for bravery and returned to work in 1937. Three months later he requested and received a transfer to Criminal Investigations Dept. He made Detective in 1938, but this was the last promotion he would receive. Archived reports indicate he was difficult to work with, he made several accusations of corruption against fellow officers and in 1939 he was once more wounded in the line of duty. A report from Internal Affairs dated 2nd August 1939 indicates that Rogers was shot by one of his own colleagues. The matter was covered and the offending officer removed from the Police Force. Rogers returned to duty in 1940 and served without distinction until the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941. Several archived reports during this last period of his police career detail numerous reprimands for drunken behaviour and insubordination but Rogers record shows he had a higher frequency of arrests and convictions than any other officer in the Criminal Investigations Dept during this period.

19th December. 1941. Rogers enlisted in the US Marine Corps and passed through basic training without distinction. He joined General Infantry in 1942 and served in the Pacific Theatre. During this time he saw several engagements with Imperial Japanese forces and his record shows several mentions of brave and outstanding conduct. He was recommended for the Silver Star in 1943, but the recommendation was declined. He fought at the Battle of Leyte and was seriously wounded by a land mine for which he was awarded a Purple Heart and an Honourable Discharge in 1944. He spent the next four years in recovery.

After several years of odd jobs, problems with alcohol and declining health, Rogers was unable to rejoin the police force and so he set up business as a Private Detective. He married Gale Anne Clyne in 1957 and was divorced in 1958. The reason given for the divorce was infidelity.

Lemmy Rogers was declared missing on 24th June 1965 and officially presumed dead on 24th November. 1966. His body was never found and there is no official explanation as to what became of him.

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